Virtual bookplates

You run a library; it gets donations, from time to time, of books or other materials. Some of the donations are substantial and the donor is recognized. How to best recognize a donor in the digital age?

One approach is the "virtual bookplate", described in this ACRL article written by folks at the U of Florida. The catalog is extended to include graphics that honor the donor of the materials, and the search is extended to make it easy to look up all of the works that were donated by a particular individual. The story goes that a donor was so impressed at how easy it was to see a pretty view of what they had given to the library that they wrote a check on the spot to donate more.

Another perspective on this is the "virtual collection of bookplates". The one of these that I've found is the John Starr Stewart Ex Libris Collection at the University of Illinois, with over 1500 plates collected between 1903 and 1906. The University of Michigan plate in this post is from that collection. 

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