Yahoo in talks to acquire Tumblr, users are not happy

Yahoo is in talks to acquire Tumblr, with a price tag north of a billion dollars. Who knew that simplifying the blogging interface could be so profitable? I wonder, though, how Yahoo is going to make money off of Tumblr page views without ruining the service. (cf Flickr) (cf MyBlogLog) (cf GeoCities) etc.  See what Tumblr users think of the acquisition.

You know that house your friends got that was the best hang out, watch tv, party you face off, great pot lucks, still clean and comfy to chill in place? Then the landlords were like ugh, yall gotta go, and then the best hang out place was gone?

Yeah, so where is everyone heading now that Yahoo bought this place?

There's nothing like a big messy purple smooch from Yahoo to make users fear for their accumulated friendships on a service that just wants to monetize page views with ads.


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