Amtrak accident at Foster Bridge (Maple Rd and Huron River Dr) in Ann Arbor

 From Cynthia Hodges on Facebook:

Train hit a semi carrying kayaks at Foster Bridge Maple Rd Huron River Dr. Truck driver jumped out of cab before impact. We came upon it right after it happened…doesn't look like anyone was hurt.

This happened at about 1:00pm on Saturday, May 25, 2013, according to

Photo credit: Cynthia Hodges.


UPDATE: The Ann Arbor Chronicle has a longer account of what happened. "Apparently the semi driver realized too late that his rig would not or should not fit on the Foster Road bridge, so he backed up right into the path of the train."

UPDATE: WWJ 950 reports that no one was hurt.

More on the Foster Road Bridge from Arborwiki.


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