Hacker News summary, Tuesday 28 May 2013, 9:45 p.m edition

A late evening version of Hacker News for Tuesday 28 May 2013. I've added links to the comments for each entry, and try to pull out a useful quote from the comments if there are any that are easy to find. Of interest: Pixar raytracing, Liberty Reserve money laundering, and Harvard email snooping.

1. A breakdown of github pull requests by acceptance rate, for a variety of languages and projects. If you want to get your pull request accepted, don't write C++, write Scala; and contribute to projects like Akka and backbone-fundamentals that take 80+% of pull requests. (Paul Miller) "I'm surprised the acceptance rate is so high." (28 comments)

2. "Pixar's lighting/rendering systems were completely redone for their new film Monsters University." Correspondence with Chris Horne, who worked on MU. "So our Director of Photography went to a studio that is so clearly raytracing averse and essentially said "We're raytracing everything." (Mason Smith) (92 comments)

3. "Liberty Reserve, which was incorporated in 2006, was a "bank of choice for the criminal underworld," according to the indictment, which said the operation allegedly laundered the money through 55 million transactions before it was shut down earlier this month." $6 billion was allegedly laundered. (Wall Street Journal) The comments note the precarious legal position of various Bitcoin exchanges. (50 comments)

4. Topcoat is "CSS for clean and fast web apps". Download version 0.3 (Github). The comments compare it to Twitter Bootstrap and Zurb Foundation. (78 comments)

5. Thomas Friedman writes about HireArt, which has HR software to better match candidates with job openings by tailoring tests and quizzes to the qualifications for the job. (NY Times) (no comments)

6. Evelynn Hammonds will step down as Harvard College dean, in the wake of a scandal involving searches of Harvard faculty and staff email accounts. She will return to teaching and research in the History of Science and African and African American Studies departments. (Boston.com) (18 comments)

7. A Facebook engineer waxes poetical about his four years with the company and the engineering challenges he has faced. (Ryan Patterson) (1 comment) (why is this on the top 10)

8. You have 13 days to buy the Humble Indie Bundle 8 with 7 games for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux. Pay what you want. (Humble Bundle) The comments have game reviews, many of which are favorable. (53 comments)

9. Build startups and systems to help the "unexotic underclass", which lives in small town America and includes single moms, returning veterans, and others who live outside of the startup-fueled glitz of Silicon Valley (C.Z. Nnaemeka) "Condense the article down and you're left with this nugget of advice: You'll have a better chance of success if you target unsaturated, boring markets." (28 comments)

10. Pure is "a set of small, responsive CSS modules that you can use in every web project" brought to you by Yahoo! The library is tiny and works well with mobile applications. (Pure) The core developers of Pure are contributing in the comments. (106 comments)


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