Recipe: Kale with corn and green onions

This recipe for kale with corn and green onions works well enough with frozen corn, but I'm sure it would be better with fresh. You cook with the ingredients you have, not the ingredients you want to have. We're lucky to have fresh kale at the farmers market!


  • oil for frying
  • garlic
  • 1 bag kale
  • corn – frozen, if you must, but fresh would be better
  • green onions – chopped
  • soy sauce


Wash and spin-dry the kale, being careful to get dirt out of the center rib. We had a very nice bag of small kale from market that didn't require much more than this, but if you have older, tougher kales, trim them of their tough bits and cut them into pieces.

Heat oil in a large pot on medium high to high. Chop some garlic into big pieces. Fry the garlic until light brown and it smells good.

Add the kale and cook, stirring frequently, until the kale has cooked down to a fraction of its original size. Add some corn and the chopped green onions; stir. Cook until the corn is warmed through, then add some soy sauce and cover and turn down the heat to low.

One bag of kale served the family, with one person not eating it; there were a few leftovers. This recipe would multiply quite nicely.

For more kale recipes, see 365 Days of Kale.


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