Hacker News summary, Wednesday 29 May 2013, 5:00 p.m. EST edition

Welcome to the Wednesday version of a daily Hacker News summary. In the news today: a new Gmail interface, a Drupal security breach, how to negotiate a job offer, Bill Gates goes to India, and Mary Meeker’s Internet Trends.

I’m going to diverge a little from past practice and pick and choose a little more carefully than normally, going a little beyond the top 8 to find the stories that actually interest me.

1. Gmail is getting a new user interface, one that adds tabs and more integration with Google+. (Gmail Blog) “I know we feel the need to comment on everything right away these days, but honestly there isn’t much to say about this feature until we’ve actually used it.” (223 comments)

2. “The Drupal.org Security Team and Infrastructure Team has discovered unauthorized access to account information on Drupal.org and groups.drupal.org.” Users are advised to change their password, not to reuse passwords between sites, and to turn on two-factor authentication.
“Malicious files were placed on association.drupal.org servers via a third-party application used by that site.” – and commenters are wondering which third-party app was involved.

3. For $100/node/month, Linode announces a managed IT infrastructure.
“If the remote hands are awesome, this is well worth $100 per node. If they are anything but awesome, this wouldn’t be worth it for any amount of money.”

4. “The Magazine” has been sold by founder Marco Arment to editor Glenn Fleishman.
(Marco Arment)
Instapaper. Tumblr. and now The Magazine. Sounds like Marco is clearing house a bit.

5. How to negotiate a job offer. “If you’re not currently working, and you don’t have competing offers, you’re pretty much out of luck.”
“The “Pre-Reqs” piece is not right. You really don’t need to have another job offer or a current job to negotiate. ”

6. Bill Gates is going to India because it has the grand challenge of extreme poverty and also the resources to attack that problem. He’s also going to pick up some dance moves from a Bollywood star.
(The Gates Notes)
“Have you seen real poverty? Just take a trip to Mumbai and visit the slums there.”

7. Amazon announces “Login with Amazon” as a single sign-on function for web sites.
(Amazon PR)
“I think this is a great idea. I don’t love the Facebook OAuth flow and the amount of access most apps ask for.”

8. Mary Meeker’s Internet Trends.

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