Hacker News summary, 1 June 2013, 11:15 p.m. EST edition

A late night Hacker News summary, pulling from https://news.ycombinator.com/.

1. Apple betrayed by its own law firm. John J. McAleese, III, an attorney at one of Apple's own go-to law firms, (Morgan, Lewis & Bockius), was behind a patent troll lawsuit from Flatworld Interactives. McAleese has been digitally erased from the Morgan Lewis site. (Ars Technica) "I predict this is going to be as much fun to watch as the Prenda Law case!" ( 4 comments ) 

2. Bill de hOra writes about the Go language. "To my mind it bucks some orthodoxy on what a good effective language is supposed to look like; for that alone, it's interesting. It makes sensible engineering decisions and is squarely in the category of languages I consider viable for server-side systems that you have to live with over time." 

3. In the New York Times, Wikileaks founder Julian Assange takes on the banality of Google's "Don't be evil". His review starts: “THE New Digital Age” is a startlingly clear and provocative blueprint for technocratic imperialism, from two of its leading witch doctors, Eric Schmidt and Jared Cohen, who construct a new idiom for United States global power in the 21st century. 138 comments: "But I must confess, that Julian Assange seem to be rather well spoken. And language wise – at least – it was a rather joy to read. Seemingly unlike the book he was reviewing."

4. code search on Github turns up tens of thousands of PHP projects susceptible to a SQL injection attack. 79 comments: "There's more low-hanging fruit, if you're willing to use more specialized searches."

5. Manish Burman and Brandon Kase wrote a version of grep that uses hardware acceleration from the CUDA libraries to run 2 to 10 times as fast as standard grep. 22 comments include discussion from the developers.

6. Max Headroom and the Strange World of Pseudo-CGI, a discussion in Cartoon Brew of the weird pseudo-computer animated graphics of the 1980s that were done with a series of non-computer techniques. 19 comments.

7. "Cruise ships are similar to assisted living centers in the amenities provided, costs per month, and many other areas." J Am Geriatr Soc. 2004 Nov;52(11):1951-4. 7 comments: "I met an elderly woman that lived on a cruise ship. She need a walked but was otherwise in good health. She knew everyone on the ship, and made new friends with every cruise. To her it was an awesome life, rather than being stuck in some home. The discounts you get for multiple cruises made it quite affordable for her. Eventually she would need more healthcare but she was going to stay as long as she could."

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