Evernote (for Android) as a reminder system

I have a fickle relationship with reminder systems. Usually the drill is to discover something new, vigorously dump everything I can possibly think into it, and then slowly but surely get disillusioned with it as time goes on. The smell of a new system is seductive, and when something new comes along there's a tendency to look at its good side and to focus on the bad parts of whatever you were using before.

Thus my latest desire is to stop using Github as an issue tracking system for personal reminders, and to start using Evernote. I've written about Github before; the truth of it is that it's not a bad system, but it's set up enough for multi-person use that some of the easy affordances of single person use go to the wayside. Besides, my own use of it has tapered off and that's a sign that something new needs to take its place.

Evernote hasn't been written about much here, but there's a lot that I am starting to like about it. The Android support for reminders is new. Android support in general it lags a bit behind iOS. The level that I'm currently using it it's still free. Their reminder system is new, but still looks at least minimally functional enough to get the work done. Since it fits in my phone pretty well it seems as though I should be able to make the transition and not be pinned down in front of my computer screen when it's time to brainstorm what to do next.

Basically it's what every new system is, the new system smell, while it's still revolutionary and not the politburo. Enjoy the new system before you figure out how to routinize it into distraction.



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