Stadium Bridges art survey

The City of Ann Arbor is conducting a survey to get public input on several proposals for monumental public art to accompany the newly build Stadium Bridges. There are four proposals in all. The Ann Arbor dotcom has a review of the works. The City of Ann Arbor project page includes links to full proposals from artists.

Fill out the survey!

The artists, and their works, are

Sheila Klein, "Untitled". Maize and blue striped poles, trees in planters on the bridge, a sculpture of cheerleaders.

Matt Passmore with Rebar Group, "Dot Matrix". Aluminum tubes topped by "Botts Dots".

Volkan Alkanoglu, "Lady Ann". Angular panels forming the shape of a flower, looming over a pedestrian passageway.

Catherine Widgery, "Arbor Winds". Embossed trees in panels under the bridge, and tree-themed pennants on poles at the top of the bridge.



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