June 2013 Calgary, Alberta floods (#yycflood, #abflood)

Flooding of the Bow and Elbow Rivers inundated downtown Calgary, Alberta on June 21, 2013. Flooding and flash flooding has affected large parts of southern Alberta, due in part to a slow-moving storm front that is dumping a lot of rain on the area, up to 7.5 inches in 2.5 days. Three people have died from the flooding.

If you’re in Calgary, Alberta reading this, you should know that it’s likely to be out of date and incomplete. Check with local authorities and local news services for the most current information.

News reports: be patient, prepare for power outages, limit travel, and conserve water.

The below video is published on Youtube by the Calgary Police, showing about 60 minutes of helicopter footage of the flooding.

Map from Google Crisis Response, snapshot on June 21, 2013.


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