Yarnell Hill Fire (Yarnell, AZ): 19 firefighters dead – worst incident since 1933 – with map

19 firefighters have died fighting the Yarnell Hills fire in Yarnell, AZ, about 80 miles northwest of Phoenix, AZ. 

Wundermap fire layer map for Yarnell, AZ


Multiple news sources have confirmed this tragedy. 

CNN: Official: 19 firefighters dead in Arizona. Quotes Wade Ward with the Prescott Fire Department.

Prescott, AZ Daily Courier: BREAKING NEWS: 19 die in Yarnell fire; 18 were Prescott firefighters Quotes State Forestry Division Spokesman Mike Reichling.

Prescott, AZ Daily Courier had a profile of the Prescott Fire Department Granite Mountain Hot Shots crew fighting a previous fire.

azcentral.com: 19 firefighters dead in Yarnell Hill Fire. With live television coverage from 12 News.

New York Times: 19 Firefighters Are Killed Battling Arizona Wildfire

“The entire hot shot crew had been killed by the fire,” Fire Chief Dan Fraijo of Prescott told The Associated Press. The firefighters had to deploy their emergency shelters when “something drastic happened,” he said.

Wildfire Today: Arizona: Yarnell Fire. Good maps and detailed weather reporting.

Wildfire Today: Multiple firefighter fatalities on the Yarnell Fire in Arizona. “The is the worst multiple wildland firefighter fatality incident in the last 80 years, since 1933.”

Inciweb: Yarnell Hill Fire. Contact: Mike Reichling.

Facebook: In Memory of Prescott Firefighters Lost 6/30/2013. Almost 85,000 likes.

Yarnell Hill Fire from Congress, AZ from Matt Oss on Vimeo.

The names of the firefighters:

• Ashcraft, Andrew - Age: 29
• Caldwell, Robert - Age: 23
• Carter, Travis - Age: 31
• Deford, Dustin - Age: 24
• MacKenzie, Christopher - Age: 30
• Marsh, Eric - Age: 43
• McKee, Grant - Age: 21
• Misner, Sean - Age: 26
• Norris, Scott - Age: 28
• Parker, Wade - Age: 22
• Percin, John - Age: 24
• Rose, Anthony - Age: 23
• Steed, Jesse - Age: 36
• Thurston, Joe - Age: 32
• Turbyfill, Travis - Age: 27
• Warneke, William - Age: 25
• Whitted, Clayton - Age: 28
• Woyjeck, Kevin - Age: 21
• Zuppiger, Garret - Age: 27

1 thought on “Yarnell Hill Fire (Yarnell, AZ): 19 firefighters dead – worst incident since 1933 – with map

  1. Scott Baxter

    Excellent work putting this set of links together. What started out as happiness for a much needed rainstorm in our community has turned out to be utter tragedy for our city of Prescott. Our thoughts go out to the families of the fallen.


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