Ann Arbor Fourth of July parade, 2013

The Ann Arbor Fourth of July 2013 parade was this morning. Some brief highlights, so I don’t forget them; I’ll include pictures if I have them. In approximate order of the parade route.

Lots of candy, lots of politicians, lots of kids on bikes.

The Star Wars marching band playing the Imperial March, and a bun-headed Leia. Darth Vader was driving the car that towed an R2D2 float.


Councilman Kunselman skateboarding down the street, the only politician who was on a skateboard. “Skateboarding is not a crime.”

The French Dukes precision drill team.

Ring of Steel, a theatrical performance group

The Ann Arbor Ukelele Club, a Meetup group that marched and played ever so softly as they went down the street.

Bo Schembechler life-sized bobble-head

The D3 Fife and Drum Corps closing out the parade. (Photo: Ann Arbor Chronicle)

Lots more photos – most of the parade, indeed – from Ryan Stanton on Flickr.

By point of comparison, Ypsilanti’s parade featured a Jeep-mounted machine gun pointed at the crowd (“terrifying”). (


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