July 8, 2013 Toronto flooding

The streets of Toronto are full of water as over 100 mm of rain (about 4 inches) has fallen in some areas. Meteorologists are making comparisons with Hurricane Hazel, which flooded the area in 1954.

Some of the best brief accounts are on Twitter, using the various hashtags #TOflood, #floodTO, #TOstorm, #stormTO, and #darkTO.

I listened to CBC Radio 1 Toronto for a while to get a sense for how bad it is. CFTR, 680 News, is an all-news radio channel, here linked via TuneIn. There are more photos at the Globe and Mail, and at the moment there's live TV coverage online on CP24.

Lots of people are without power; there's a power outage map from Toronto Hydro but it appears to be incomplete; the @torontohydro Twitter feed says 300,000 without power as of about 9:00 p.m. ET.

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