Which feed readers are winning, post-Google Reader – take our poll!

This blog has had a burst of traffic (hi Boing Boing readers) and as a part of that traffic I’m seeing hits coming from news readers. Google Reader had been the dominant RSS reader for a long time, and its demise has given an opportunity for others to gain some currency.

Feedly seems to be the winner so far, with the bulk of the feed-reading traffic to this site coming from there. It benefitted from a one-click transition from Google Reader, as well as a clean minimalist design that puts a lot of information onto the page. I tried their Android client and was much less impressed on first glance.

The Old Reader comes in at number two; I don’t have any direct experience with using it.

Pulse.me comes in third – it’s a mobile-first app with a Web interface as well.

Finally, it would not be a worthwhile observation without noting that Twitter has mostly replaced specialized RSS readers for me – the headline plus link format is very simple and similar to what newsreaders of old provided, and the ease of subscribing and unsubscribing and discovering new feeds is way better than any older feed reading system.

I still miss the old Bloglines reader – more about that here – which was functional even on a Blackberry even in 2005. Times change.

Here’s a poll – vote for your preferred reader, or if there is one I didn’t find, add it in!

4 thoughts on “Which feed readers are winning, post-Google Reader – take our poll!

  1. Wanderingglutton.wordpress.com

    I have been using Bloglovin’. I like that it sends me a daily digest that includes a list of all the blogs that have updated content and there is a little status icon that appears on my Firefox toolbar that tells me how many total posts are waiting for me to read.


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