Preserve the history of Detroit sound – the Detroit Sound Conservancy’s oral history Kickstarter project

The Detroit Sound Conservancy has a Kickstarter project going to raise $5,000 towards preserving the history of Detroit music through a series of oral history interviews of Detroit area music critics and journalists.

There is no public oral history archive dedicated to Detroit music. We are going to build one. You can help. We are going to start with the "first responders" to the Detroit sound: Detroit music journalists. Detroit music journalists have been key archivists of Detroit sounds that have changed the world, from Motown to techno, blues to jazz, to so much more. They have documented the bands. They have interviewed the musicians. They tell the stories so the music lives. This project is for them. This is the Detroit Sound Conservancy's first project. You can be a part of making this happen.

Contribute to the project here.


Detroit Sound Conservancy Introduces 'Oral History Project" from hawkhaus films on Vimeo.


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