The Violin Monster has been kicked off the streets for Ann Arbor’s Art Fair (UPDATE: He’s Back)

ANN ARBOR, JULY 18, 2013 – Find the Violin Monster at the corner of Liberty and Main at the Art Fair on Main Street, he’s a guest there of the Main Street Area Association.

ANN ARBOR, JULY 17, 2013 – The “Violin Monster” street musician has been having problems at Ann Arbor’s Art Fair with being kicked off the street, but he vows to be back with a new plan on Thursday. (More news to come as it appears.)


As posted to Facebook:

I try to keep my posts upbeat and full of bubbles and sparkles, but sometimes, even monsters have rough days.
I had an extremely disappointing first day at the Ann Arbor Art Fair. Almost immediately, State Street Art Fair representatives told me I was not allowed to perform. The police officers that came were extremely nice, and seemed to be siding with me, but they ultimately had to proceed under advisement from their sergeant.
The best way I can put it is that the Art Fair has effectively bought my beloved city of Ann Arbor during these four days, and has complete authority to do as they wish on its public streets and sidewalks. The State Street organization seemed to be concerned with money – since I hadn’t paid them for space, they didn’t want me there.
Ann Arbor does not require a permit for street performing. I believe that if I am practicing a reasonable code of conduct (which I always do), I have the right to be performing in a public space.
I talked to a few people from the Main Street Association about performing tomorrow, and it seems promising. Thank you all for your continued support, and for sharing this adventure with me. The comments I saw on twitter today were extremely encouraging. It’ll take a whole lot more than a rough day to break my spirit.
~Violin Monster~


3 thoughts on “The Violin Monster has been kicked off the streets for Ann Arbor’s Art Fair (UPDATE: He’s Back)

  1. Josh Wilkins

    Can’t someone offer him the front of their store? Maybe ABC could have him play for the outside patrons to promote his new beer.


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