Recipe: Cole slaw

This recipe is easy and feeds a lot of people. I don't tend to measure, so you'll want to use proportions to your taste.

  • One half head of green cabbage
  • Four carrots
  • Cider vinegar
  • Mayo
  • Salt

Shred the cabbage using the slicing blade of your food processor. Put the cabbage in a large bowl. Shake some salt on top of the cabbage and mix it in.

Trim the carrots and grate them using the grating blade of your food processor. Add to the cabbage.

The dressing is a mixture of cider vinegar and mayo. Rather than mix them together first and then getting a dish dirty, I simply pour some cider vinegar over the top of the cabbage-carrot mixture, then add some mayo. Mix thoroughly until the cole slaw is lightly coated with the dressing.

Let sit at least an hour before serving. The cabbage and carrots will both lose a little moisture, so you'll end up with more dressing than you started with.

Paired with pizza and two-buck chuck wine, this recipe will serve twelve.


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