arguments for the elimination of Facebook

Several reasons why I am removing the Facebook from my phone.

Taking it off the screen will reduce my time on site, leaving more room for the rest of the net and the rest of the world.

If I need to write something short there is always Twitter. If I need to write something long there is Evernote for notes to self and this blog for notes to the world.

Facebook’s ads are increasingly intrusive. It is easier to cope with the ads on Twitter.

It is easy to switch identity on the Twitter client so if I temporarily need to take the voice of Arborwiki or of Heikki Lunta it is easy. With Facebook I am expected to be me all the time.

The mobile Android Facebook client is bad at reminders of birthdays, so to do that I need to go to the desktop client anyways.

Time on Facebook generally is time away from blogging. True, the blog has fewer readers and less comments then an equal post on Facebook, but I am not writing this strictly to chase feedback.

It is always worthwhile to experiment with change, especially since it would be easy to change back.


One thought on “arguments for the elimination of Facebook

  1. TeacherPatti

    I’m thinking of doing the same thing. Twitter has never captured me the same way FB did (really, it is just talking to yourself and hoping someone answers back!) and so that isn’t as much of a time suck. But FB eats up huge amounts of time that I could be spending writing or napping.


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