The local news, omnibus edition, for August 21 2013

I’m on vacation for a week up north, but news still hits my inbox. Here’s a very brief take on some things that I have learned while I’ve been gone that deserve to be dumped out into the internet so that our fine intelligence agencies have something more to chew on.

  1. Bob Needham, long time Ann Arbor News and entertainment editor, has left the friendly confines of the newspaper industry to join the University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business as a “paragraph wrangler”.

  2. Whittaker’s Berry Farm in Ida, MI is closed for the season early because of an invasion of Spotted Wing Drosophila (SWD). This vinegar fly ruins crops and is a relatively recent immigrant to Michigan (2010).

  3. The Washtenaw County Road Commission has taken to telling anyone who wants information about the roads to file a FOIA request.

  4. Damn Arbor editor Ben Connor Barrie has moved to Ypsilanti, prompting Mark Maynard to run an immigration interview.

  5. Chris Dzombak is closing down the hyperlocal ArborWX weather blog in favor of slightly broader pastures; he’ll be an iOS developer for the New York Times starting this fall.

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