Calligraphy, a new album and Indiegogo campaign from Papillon

My friend Papillon is working on a double album “Calligraphy” which he’s producing with the help of an Indiegogo campaign. Of this he says

Over the past few years I have traveled to many places, through many cultures and created music with many people on our planet. This resulted in the Calligraphy collection to be released on a double album later this year.

The next few steps of the way will require a small push from my community of dreamers, makers and supporters.

“You want to know my tricks? How I keep from losing my mind. /
Basically, I just remember I’m not one of a kind. /
I connect to as many artists as I can find that are genuine /
And that know our mission’s divine.”
(Lyrics from “My Truth”)

For more information see his Indiegogo campaign and see and hear more of his music and plans for cool stuff to go along with the release, including a vinyl pressing and a 3D printed USB drive to go with the album.


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