Just say no: Just Energy complaints are legion

From my Ann Arbor neighborhood email list, September 2013:

Some weaselly-looking character from an outfit called “Just Energy” knocked on our door today. They are of course scam artists and we just tell them we are not interested. They are very pushy and actually try to mislead people into thinking they have something to do with the utility companies. The especially like to prey on the elderly.

Complaints about this company are legion. Here are just a few.

  • Boston Police Department, November 2012, via Facebook:

    When dealing with a person who shows up at your door unannounced or without prior notification (be it a cable provider, maintenance worker, plumber, salesperson) exercise healthy levels of caution and care before agreeing to anything. If a person shows up at your door without proper notification, promptly ask to see an ID, business card or supervisor’s phone number before conducting any further business. If an individual is unable to provide any of the aforementioned forms of identification, discontinue the interaction.

  • “Alternative Energy Supplier Has Long Record Of Fraud Complaints”, CBS Chicago, January 2013

    To assess and monitor the needed changes, the ICC ordered Just Energy to pay for an independent audit completed last year. The previously confidential document said that between 2010 and 2011 Just energy received over 29,792 complaints. “It’s really an astonishing figure, the 29,000 complaints. We have never seen anything like that,” said David Kolata, the head of the Citizens Utility Board.

  • “Just Energy” Scam Victim Speaks Out, WICZ Fox 40, January 2013

    ENDICOTT — As we’ve reported, Binghamton police say scam artists are going around telling local residents they can help them with their utility bills during these cold months if they sign up with a company called “Just-Energy”. Police say it’s a rip off. Richard Torres Maldonado says his family was a victim to the scam and their electric bill went from $40 to $300.

Just beware.

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