Under new management: Frank’s

Frank’s Restaurant is under new management – as of October 1, says the sign. They are advertising extended late night hours.

Frank’s is well known as “the fortified high point of Ann Arbor”, according to its menus.

I wrote about Frank’s 6 years ago as part of a review of Placeshout, which was a simple application for taking short (100 character) notes on locations. That was from the era of the Ann Arbor “nova mob”, a cadre of people who could be counted on to use any new social or review site and instantly propel Ann Arbor to the top of the list for cities reviewed, second usually only to San Francisco. Placeshout is gone (without even a goodbye message), and the nova mob has scattered to the winds. But Frank’s is still here, and good luck to its new management.


One thought on “Under new management: Frank’s

  1. Scott Trudeau

    Does this mean Pete (the owner and cook) finally retired? I had a stretch for a few years where I’d eat there about once a week. When I visit town these days, it is usually in the evening after they close, so I haven’t stopped in for many years.
    The last time I went to Frank’s, my wife & I arrived as they closed, so we waved to Athena (Pete’s daughter who often waitressed & ran front of the house) through the window and pointed at my (now) wife’s engagement ring to signal our engagement. We started going there together for breakfast on weekends after we met.
    My regular breakfast order (I usually went for breakfast) was eggs over easy, sausage & hash browns with rye and black coffee. I also enjoyed Pete’s meatloaf when it was on special for lunch.
    Pete never let anyone else work the grill, except once that I recall, when Athena took over the grill so he could go on vacation (a first!).
    When I first started going there, Pete had hired some young girls as waitresses but after awhile they were replaced eventually by Paula, a local woman who was sweet, chatty and a little rough around the edges. She had more than her fair share of challenges in life. Her husband had diabetes and lost a foot. We shared our experiences with thyroid cancer. Her scar is very visible due to older surgical techniques; my scars, not so much. They used to make patients who’d received radioactive iodine treatments stay in a room with no metal and only short, infrequent visits from visitors; now they just tell you to sleep on the couch, keep a distance of a few feet from other people (as much as practical) and flush twice.
    I often met up with my friend (& sometimes coworker) Vinh. We had a shared bottle of Sriracha that Paula would keep in the fridge behind the counter for us. We started buying Sriracha from the Asian market that had a brief stint across the block from the restaurant and resupplying our bottle when it ran low. A few times we caught other customers asking for and using it, which we were happy to share (it went so well with the eggs & potatoes!).
    I’d really love to know how they’re all doing.
    Thanks for the excuse to go down memory lane, Ed.


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