Internet service status and outage reports

Modeled after my power outage page, here’s a page with some outage reports from Internet services. It’s listed alphabetically, and last updated 7 October 2013.

Service outage reports

Amazon. AWS Service Health Dashboard. Includes RSS feeds for each service and each availability zone.

Apple. Apple System Status. No RSS feed.

Apple. Apple Developer System Status. No RSS feed.

AT&T. AT&T Global IP Network Conditions. Status at a glance, plus detailed city pair information for US destinations including latency and drop rate. No feeds. Java required for some operations.

Automattic. Automattic status, includes WordPress. Powered by the Public Status Pages technology of Nimsoft.

Balanced Payments. Balanced Payments Status. Reminiscent of the Heroku status page.

Bitly. Status of the service. Includes

City of Philadelphia. PHL API status. Hosted on Appspot, powered by Stashboard.

Comcast. Comcast DNS Server Status. Current conditions and news. RSS feed available.

Datasift. Datasift Status. Powered by

Dreamhost: Dreamhost Status. Twitter: @dhstatus

eBay: eBay System Status Announcements. RSS feed available.

FAA. Flight Delay Information. Shows delays at major US airports.

Facebook. Facebook Developers Platform Status. Includes response time and error frequency reporting. No RSS feed visible.

Github. Github Status. With graphs showing availability, performance, and error rates.

Google. Google Apps Status Dashboard. RSS feed available for the system as a whole.

Google. Google App Engine System Status. Includes latency and error rate reporting, but no RSS feeds.

Heroku. Heroku Current Status and Incident Report.

Mailgun. Mailgun Status. Powered by

Microsoft. Windows Azure Service Dashboard. Includes RSS feeds for services and regions.

Microsoft. Microsoft Service Status. Includes Outlook, Calendar, Skydrive, Messenger.

Mozilla. Mozilla Current Performance and Availability Status. Powered by Nimsoft.

NASDAQ. NASDAQ Market System Status.

NYSE. NYSE Market Status. Includes RSS feed and Google Gadget.

O2. O2 Live Status Checker.

Pinboard. Pinboard Status Page. Shows traffic, external service integration status.

Rackspace. Rackspace System Status. Includes an RSS feed.

Salesforce. Salesforce System Status. With RSS feeds for each subsystem.

Statuspage.IO. Statuspage Status page. meta!

Travis CI. Travis CI Status Page. Powered by Statuspage.IO.

Twilio. Twilio Service Status. Powered by Stashboard.

Twitter. Twitter Status. A Tumblr blog.

Typepad. Typepad Status. A filter of a Twitter stream.

University of Michigan. ITS Service Status.

Wikipedia. Wikimedia Status.

Zendesk. Zendesk System Status. Shows uptime percentage for major subsystems.

Consolidated status reports

API Status. Tracks performance across 30 public APIs. Twitter: @API_Status. Powered by A realtime overview of status information and outages for all kinds of services. Run by Serinus42, a Dutch company. Checks web availability.

Outages mailing list: Outages list archives.

Zapier. Zapier API status board. Zapier provides a programmable interface to web APIs; this service checks the health of about 100 services.

Code that you too can run!

SSD. SSD (“System Status Dashboard”) is written in Python for the Django framework. Originally developed by Babycenter.

Stashboard. Stashboard is an open source status dashboard written in Python and hosted on Google App Engine, originally developed by Twilio.

StatusDashboard. StatusDashboard is written in node.js.


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