Ann Arbor City Council meeting for October 7, 2013: agenda preview

What’s on the agenda for the 7 October 2013 Ann Arbor City Council meeting?

(Pun Plamondon Addresses Ann Arbor City Council, Ann Arbor News, 1973)


From Sabra Briere, First Ward News:

By my count, this agenda includes 2 action items – 14 administrative acts, 8 infrastructure changes, 1 that address public safety needs, 0 investments in economic development and 0 that relate to affordable housing.

From the Ann Arbor Chronicle, Ann Arbor Council to Weigh Privilege Waiver:

A resolution that’s been added to the Ann Arbor city council’s Monday, Oct. 7, 2013 agenda would, if approved, result in the waiver of attorney-client privilege with respect to a specific advice memo that has already been written by the city attorney’s office.

The question is about Al McWilliams, who was appointed by the Ann Arbor City Council on a 6-5 vote to join the Ann Arbor DDA; there is consideration that the vote requirement might have been 8 votes. There was talk that the minutes for the previous meeting might be contested as a result.

Again, from the Chronicle: Sidewalks: Repair, Build, Shovel

City council’s Oct. 7 agenda includes consideration of cross-lot walkways again, with a non-shoveling approach; also: sidewalks connect to projects for stormwater management and public art

And a full preview from the Chronicle: October 7 2013 Ann Arbor Council Preview

Agenda items include attorney-client privilege waiver related to appointment of Al McWilliams, approval of solid waste plan, cross-lot walkways, liquor license fees, Rockefeller Foundation grant.

And, from the Ann Arbor News – well, there’s nothing yet from the Ann Arbor News telling you there would be a meeting on Monday, or what it would be. Look for something coming from the snooze’s government reporter, Ryan Stanton.

Watch Ann Arbor City Council in person starting at 7:00 p.m. at City Council chambers at City Hall, or follow along by watching CTN on cable TV channel 16 or online. Use twitter hashtag #a2council to keep score from home, and follow along in the agenda in Legistar.

(Title updated to reflect correct date, thanks to Vivienne Armentrout for noticing).


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