A map of the October 2013 wildfires in New South Wales, Australia

Bush fires are burning in New South Wales, Australia in October 2013. If you are near the fire, you must find a more accurate and timely source of information than this blog post.

A BBC report quotes from a local official:

Minister for Police and Emergency Services Michael Gallacher told the BBC that “the speed and the ferocity” of the fires was something “not seen for many, many years”.

As of this writing, the Sydney Morning Herald report is that more than 100 homes have been lost.

Alongside him on Sunny Ridge Road, RFS Commissioner Shane Fitzsimmons describes the epic scale of these fires: 86,000 hectares burnt; fire perimeters stretching 400 to 500 kilometres; 94 fires still burning at 2.20pm, 27 uncontained and two with emergency warnings, one on the central coast and one nearby, threatening Springwood High School.

Google’s crisis map of the New South Wales fires is a mirror of the New South Wales Rural Fire Service map. The original map is easier to use if you know the names of the fire locations, but the Google map has a few more overlays that can be helpful.




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