Ann Arbor City Council preview for the meeting of Monday, 21 October 2013

Some stories that I’m watching about what’s on the Ann Arbor City Council agenda for 21 October 2013.


As usual, the Ann Arbor Chronicle preview is a useful guide to the details, and the meeting details from Legistar give you the play-by-play.

The consent agenda includes a $26,900.00 project from Keystone Media of Ann Arbor to redesign the city web site. Keystone won the RFP, beating out Flight Plan Creative of Traverse City ($24,650) and B+B Marketing Communications of Midland ($40,000). It is to be noted that the award did not go to the low bidder, as the qualifications for the RFP spelled out that price was not the only consideration for the bid.

Ypsilanti Township is seeking to join The Ride (The Ann Arbor Area Transportation Authority, or AAATA). Vivienne Armentrout has posted an article critical of the expansion which drew a stern rebuke from Larry Krieg of Ypsi Township:

In an era when we can’t afford either to isolate our communities or to link them solely by private automobiles, the clear path to prosperity in Michigan is through regional cooperation and investing together in alternative forms of transportation. We can’t afford not to make this investment now. Those who think it’s foolish to diversify our transportation options are neglecting the huge expense of our current dependence on automobiles and petroleum.

I’m all for improved service to Ypsilanti Township, but that’s at least a little selfish. If service to that part of the area improves, it will be in part due to improvements in service on AAATA Route 5, which goes right by my house. If I lived on the west side of Ann Arbor, I’d be agitating for Scio Township to buy in to transit improvements, because that would likely add to the quality of service of west-side bus routes.

What’s not on the agenda is perhaps as important as what’s on the agenda. This week’s agenda as printed Sunday night does not have any talk of a repeal of the city crosswalk ordinance. That’s been getting a lot of press, including this piece in Damn Arbor suggesting additional signage to improve motorist recognition of local ordinances. The dot News story suggests that a motion to repeal the ordinance might be on the council’s November agenda, perhaps after the elections when there’s new faces on the council.

As always, CTN is your source for online city council video, and the #a2council hash tag on Twitter can help you follow along with the play by play.

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