FOIA: inspection reports for downtown Ann Arbor street lights

As sent to the Ann Arbor City Clerk, 23 October 2013:

To the clerk:

The City Council meeting of this week Tuesday (ed.: actually late Monday) had an extended
discussion of street lighting in the downtown area, and council
weighed the problems with rust on street lamps and decided not to
spend money to replace them.

To follow up on this discussion, and motivated by the uncertainty at
council about the state of the lighting, I’d like to make this

Please provide the following records:

  1. The most recent inspection and safety reports for the eighty one
    (81) street lighting poles referenced in City Council item 13-1062
    that were proposed to be replaced, referencing the following Whereas

“Whereas: The Street Lights along Main Street between Huron and
William are rusting at the base posing a safety issue and are in need
of replacement; “

Since this request is in the public interest, and since the records
have been freshly examined for staff preparation for council, I expect
that the records will be readily available at no charge.

I do not know if the records are in electronic form. If they are in
paper form, and if duplication of records would be necessary to
fulfill this request, please inform me before proceeding so that I can
weigh the costs. If possible, if the records are in paper form I would
like to examine them in person to avoid unnecessary costs.

Thanks for your prompt response to this request.


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