Links on a slow blogging day

I have the window open, I’m typing, and there’s nothing to write about. Despite that constraint, I’m going to write 750 words. You don’t have to read them, this is mostly just for me.

Hey, some links! That’s always good for a few words.

Ryan Burns is working on the Arborwiki “Playgrounds” page. Snap a photo of a playground and add it in!

The Australian bush is still on fire near Sydney. Google has an NSW Bushfires crisis map tracking fire progression.

Daylight Savings Time ends on Sunday, November 3rd, 2013, at 2am. It can’t end too quickly for me.

The apple crop in SE Michigan is exceptionally good this year, after last year’s horrible crop. From GoodFruit:

Last year, Michigan produced only 2.7 million bushels of apples, a tenth of a normal crop. This year, the Guesstimate was for a crop of 26.3 million bushels, a number only surpassed once in the last eight years. Michigan’s crop has been highly variable for the last decade, but averages around 20 million bushels.

Ann Arbor City Council decided not to spend general fund money on downtown Ann Arbor street lamps, after inspection of the lamps showed that some of them were rusting at the base. I filed a FOIA request to get recent safety inspection reports.

A friend on the west coast sold his Bitcoin mining equipment, recovering some of the cost of that gear. He reports that mining is very expensive and very competitive and that the remaining money to be made on Bitcoin is in currency speculation.

Speaking of bubbles, the new book “The Map And The Territory” by former Fed chairman Alan Greenspan is out. Brad Delong has been reading it, and he reports that the word “fraud” only shows up three times in the book.

Baseball season is over for the Detroit Tigers and manager Jim Leyland has stepped down. Speculation turns to who the next manager will be. My go-to spot for Tigers inside baseball and trivia is the Mayo Smith Society group on Facebook.

It’s not unusual that over a thousand people will be listening to the Chicago police scanner late at night on Broadcastify.

The city elections are coming up in Ann Arbor, and the most heated contest is between incumbent independent Jane Lumm and her Democratic challenger, Kirk Westphal. Democratic partisans have engaged in mud-slinging against Lumm and other members of council, smearing them with the Teapublican label.

A recent earthquake in Bohol, Philippines has 209 dead and over 600 injured, according to Earthquake Report.

A quilt depicting the Sleeping Bear Dunes won the recent ArtPrize contest in Grand Rapids, Michigan. The quilt measures 5 feet high and 20 feet wide and was created by Frankfort, MI artist Ann Loveless.

Grambling’s student newspaper, the Gramblinite, is in the news after students were suspended from the paper after alleged ethics violations. The university backtracked, rescinding the punishments, but not before they helped draw attention to photos of school facilities in decay. The Grambling football team protested by refusing to travel to an away game. Players say they got staph infections from mold and mildew on training equipment.

That’s enough for now….


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