October 26, 2013: Saturday night shooting at Rush Street, Ann Arbor – eyewitness accounts from Facebook, Instagram

A 25 year old man from Illinois was shot by a 25 year old man from Westland on Saturday night, October 26, 2013, at Rush Street, a bar on Main Street in Ann Arbor.

The most detailed eyewitness report of this weekend’s shooting comes from Hatim Elhady’s Facebook page.

How did my WILD Saturday night OFF WORK go? Celebrated my friend’s, Sarita LH,birthday who is a medic as well with my other awesome medic buddy Tim Skeeters at Rush Street in Ann Arbor. While we were having a great time, 2 gun shots were fired on the dance floor. While everyone stampeded away from the dance floor, we rushed towards it. Before we can think twice we were atop the shooter and the victim. As far as the gentleman who was shot in the abdomen, he with conscious and alert with 2 other great medics stopping the bleeding and keeping him awake. We, then successfully backboarded and loaded the patient. Literally 2 hours later my shift began and now back at work, however getting paid for it this time.

The perpetrator’s walk to the police car was captured in this Instagram. (warning: language)

Other news coverage:

  • Ann Arbor News: “Man shot in Ann Arbor bar Sunday expected to recover”

The 25-year-old Illinois man shot in an Ann Arbor bar early Sunday is in stable condition and expected to survive, police said.
Detective Lt. Robert Pfannes said police were dispatched at 12:44 a.m. Sunday to Rush Street, 314 S. Main St., for a report of a shooting. A 25-year-old Westland man shot at the Illinois man twice before being tackled by patrons, Pfannes said.
“Initially, two citizens jumped on him,” Pfannes said.

A man was shot twice early Sunday at the Rush Street bar on Main Street and the suspected gunman is in custody.
The victim, a 25-year-old from Illinois, was hospitalized through the University of Michigan Health System and is in stable condition, according to Ann Arbor Police Department duty command.
Police expect the suspect, a 25-year-old man Westland man, will be arraigned Monday on charges.


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