AT&T Uverse national outage on 29 October 2013

Reports are filtering in from hither and yon that AT&T’s Uverse (or U-Verse, as it’s sometimes spelled) service is having problems in multiple markets on 29 October 2013. It’s not clear yet the extent of the problem, how widespread the outages are, and what the root cause of the issue is.

This problem is also noted by DownDetector, a fabulous resource for figuring out who to point a finger at when things go wrong. The DownDetector ATT status at 2:30p EST on 29 October 2013 notes recent troubles in Chicago, Los Angeles, Dallas, Oakland, Richmond, Napa, Atlanta, Jefferson City, Tracy, and Indianapolis.

This Reddit thread purports to have a root cause, though nothing official has been released yet as of 10:00pm EST. From Redditor Jx22:

all ipdslams received an update last night, causing all rg’s (residential gateways) to have to reauth and the authentication servers cant cope, basically a ddos.


The Chicago Tribune reports

AT&T is working to fix a U-Verse service outage in the Chicago area after a “software upgrade issue,” the company said Tuesday.

“A limited number of U-verse customers may be experiencing issues with U-verse services due to a software upgrade issue,” AT&T said in a statement. “Technicians have resolved the issue, and service has been restored for most impacted customers. We expect service to be fully restored for all customers by early afternoon. We apologize for this inconvenience.”

Los Angeles, California

Austin, Texas


More details as they appear.

11 thoughts on “AT&T Uverse national outage on 29 October 2013

  1. Kim

    Software for ATT is written and supported by Amdocs, an Israeli company. Many jobs have been outsourced to them so ATT can cut pay and costs. See a connection?

  2. MissRebekahJ

    I’m in Northeast FL. I did get thru to a human, most likely in Costa Rica, who told me the outage was national but worse in large population areas. She said the phones were very overloaded with complaints and she had already taken 25 calls in less than 40 mins on her shift. She put me on hold for about 90 seconds and used that time to credit my account for $5. Since all I have is Internet and that at a good promo rate I’ll take the $5.
    I think I found the magic phrase that makes the automated system transfer the caller to a human. This phrase should be said in a loud angry voice. “I don’t want to hang up you automated twit! I want to speak to a human!” At this point the system will click and say “One moment while I transfer you to someone that can help you with that.” Be patient because the dead air may mislead you. But if you wait you will get a human. It may be “Peggy” in Calcutta but they will be human.

  3. Shelley

    I’m in San Antonio, TX and have had no internet or TV service since I awoke at 6:30 am. Told it was due to a national outage by the tech support.

  4. wren

    No phone or internet access for almost 24 hours. Live 1 hour drive from Houston. Spent over five hours talking o Uverse over 3-day period. Three U-verse techs came out over 2 days, said it was a software problem on my BRAND new computer, and wasn’t Uverse’s problem due to outage. (right!)
    Had to pay for technician from my local computer company to come out and fix


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