Ann Arbor City Council preview for Thursday 7 November 2013

Because of the election on Tuesday 5 November 2013, the Ann Arbor City Council will be meeting on Thursday 7 November 2013. Here’s a preview of sorts of the agenda. Note that the agenda is subject to change up until the very last minute, though in general it stabilizes well before that.

The Ann Arbor Chronicle preview is well worth a read.

The agenda, in order, noting only interesting items. Your idea of what is interesting may differ. This posting may be updated from time to time as more details emerge.

MC-1, Mayoral appointments. Nothing obviously controversial here. Cyndi Clark is proposed to fill a vacancy on the Ann Arbor DDA board; she’s the owner of Lily Grace.

B-1. DDA Ordinance. Four items of substance in the proposed revision (as of v3): 1) Remove the mayor from the DDA board as of the end of the current mayor’s term, and replace with the city administrator. 2) Recalculate TIF funding mechanism and the return of surplus funds to taxing entities. 3) “Requires a nexus between development programs and specifically benefited properties within the downtown development district.” 4) Requires TIF report in January, and requires DDA programs to be part of the city’s Capital Improvement Project (CIP) process. Expect this to take a long time to sort out.

C-1. “Pizza in the Park”. Changes the Parks ordinance to omit fees for events “where the permitted event’s primary proposed activity is the charitable distribution of goods for basic human needs.” Permits are still required.

DC-1. “Stadium Billboard”. Directs the city administrator to complain to the University of Michigan about the new digital billboard on E Stadium Blvd near Michigan Stadium.

DC-3. “Ethics”. Directs the city administrator and city attorney to educate city council on professional conduct, and directs the Council Rules Committee to draft standards of conduct.

DS-10. Design the Scio Church Road sidewalk, $35,000 from general fund.


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