Ann Arbor SPARK audited financial statements are on

Audited financial statements for Ann Arbor SPARK are available on a2docs, courtesy of Kai Petainen who obtained them from the State of Michigan Attorney General.

See Ann Arbor SPARK 2012 Audited Financial Statement and SPARK Audited Financial Statements 2006 to 2011.

a2docs is the Ann Arbor Area Government Document Repository, “A place to upload documents relevant to local governance.”

Media commentary:

Forbes, a story by Kai Petainen:

According to Tom Crawford at city hall, 100% of the LDFA money to SPARK (about $1.5 million) is for local companies. If so, then why does the audited financial statement say this: ”$275,000 is available for companies location in the City of Ann Arbor via funding from the Ann Arbor/Ypsilanti Local Development Financing Authority (LDFA)””? Where does the other $1.2 million go?

Ann Arbor Chronicle notes the Forbes story and quotes this selection:

Finally, I got the financial documents. But, how did I do it? SPARK didn’t give me the documents. My local government didn’t give me the documents – they told me that they didn’t have them. I had to go to the Attorney General in Michigan for the documents. The Attorney General’s office gave them to me immediately.

Nothing yet as of Saturday night, November 9, 2013 from the Ann Arbor News or the Ann Arbor Journal.


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