Ann Arbor City Council meeting preview for Monday, 18 November 2013

The meeting agenda for Ann Arbor City Council is up for the Monday, 18 November 2013 meeting. That means it’s time to do a preview.

As usual this is done strictly in the order of the agenda, with item numbers. For a longer and more thematic look, I recommend the Ann Arbor Chronicle preview. For a preview of the pedestrian safety ordinance discussion, see this Ann Arbor News story.

UPDATE: as of 4:40 p.m. it’s not on the agenda, but Ann Arbor News reporter Ryan Stanton suggests on twitter that the disposition of the Old Y Lot may make it onto the agenda tonight, with council asked to accept the Dahlmann bid. 5:05 p.m. Now on the PDF agenda as “DC-4 13-1467 Resolution to Approve Sale of City-Owned Property at 350 S. Fifth to Dennis A. Dahlmann (8 Votes Required)”.

This will be the first meeting for new City Council member Jack Eaton, who defeated Twenty Pound Carp in the general election in November 2013.

Council will appoint a Mayor Pro Tem, to serve as acting Mayor when there is no mayor available. Traditionally this has gone to the most senior member of council by tenure, and I think that might be Margie Teall; the Chronicle hints that Jane Lumm might have the nod.

MC-1 Mayoral appointments look uncontroversial.

PH-1, B-1 “Pizza in the park”, a waiver of fees for parks activities that provide basic human services, looks like it’s likely to pass based on last week’s discussion.

PH-2, B-2 “DDA Revisions” is probably going to take a long time, as various members of council try to make political points regarding the relative balance of services between the downtown and the neighborhoods. Make popcorn.

CA-1 “The Puck Drops Here” is a 31 December 2013 event (details?) to be held just before the 1 January 2014 Winter Classic NHL hockey game.

CA-2 “Hockey is just like football” as far as parking restrictions and street closings goes.

CA-3 Dawn Farm has agreed to acquire 618 N. Main from Avalon Housing.

DC-1 “Ypsi Township on AAATA board” Council gets to decide whether Ypsilanti Township has a seat on the AAATA transit authority board. It was a matter of controversy when it came up the first time; keep up with the popcorn.

DC-4 “Dahlmann proposal for Old Y Lot” This showed up on the agenda at the last possible moment, to the point where it’s not clear that members of council will get a chance to read it before voting on it; certainly no one had a chance to put their name in for public commentary on this item. I’m hopeful that this resolution will be postponed until next time for a vote.

DS-2, DS-3, DS-4 Easement swaps with the University of Michigan for a new conduit through the Arboretum, and a new survey to settle a disputed boundary between the city and the university.

G-1. The Greenbelt Advisory Commission has minutes to approve from 2011 (!!!).

G-2. The Public Art Commission has minutes to approve from January and Feburary 2012 (!!!)

G-6, G-7, G-8, G-9 The Taxicab board has been very slow to produce minutes; these date back to January 2013.

Not on the agenda yet is a possible purchase agreement for the “Old Y Lot”.

1 thought on “Ann Arbor City Council meeting preview for Monday, 18 November 2013

  1. Kathy Griswold

    Do you know is UM will be providing any transportation for the Winter Classic? I am told that AAATA will not run buses on New Years Eve or New Years Day. However, the DDA/Republic Parking structures will be staffed.


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