Tasty Green Cafe at Ann Arbor City Hall

If you’re looking to bump into city employees and talk shop, there’s no better place to stop in than at the Tasty Green Cafe inside Ann Arbor City Hall. The menu includes the usual coffee drinks plus lunchtime choices like meat and spinach pies. There are three tables inside and a few more outside on the patio, and you get a nice view of the city hall fountain (which isn’t running at the moment).

Lunch (a meat pie and a coke) was $5.01.

I talked briefly with City Attorney Stephen Postema and his thoughts on proposed FOIA legislation coming from Lansing (he’s skeptical). I told him about my new FOIA Friday column on Damn Arbor, and he recognized Damn Arbor because it once wrote about his status as a hipster (he’s not).

Environmental Coordinator Matt Naud and I talked about the upcoming a2civictech meetup, and he referred me to the WeGoWise program in Boston that’s reducing people’s energy and water bills – similar, in spirit at least, to the OPower insert in my recent DTE bill that told us we used a lot of electricity compared to our neighbors.

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