Octodroid is a Github client for Android

I’m using Github as a personal issue tracker, still using it in fact for a whole year. It says that I’ve crossed 1200+ things off my todo lists and still have 70+ left to go. Unlike “inbox zero”, I’m resigned to the notion that my todo list will hover somewhere between 60 and 90 things to do at any time.

Octodroid is a Github client for Android. It provides access to a bunch of Github features, most notably the issues feature. I can sort through issues, scroll through them, add comments and mark them as closed. It’s free (free is good) though there hasn’t been an update to the software in the better part of a year.

There are other fancier todo lists in the world, but very few of them come with a complete source code control system and a serviceable wiki. My only complaint with any of the Android tools for Github that I’ve found so far is that none of them are really good wiki editors. I sometimes miss how good Evernote is at providing a simple synchronized text editor, and wish that it had more wiki-nature. Octodroid is just good enough at tracking what I’m doing and not doing to satisfy the need to have a todo list that goes with me everywhere that doesn’t live in my inbox.

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