October 2013 Washtenaw County Restaurant Inspections

These documents (in CSV and Excel format) provide a list of restaurants in Washtenaw County that were inspected in October 2013, as well as a count of violations. Also accompanying this data is a press release from the county describing how to interpret the data. I’ve put copies on a2docs.

This was prompted in part by the latest Ann Arbor News publication of this data, which did not have the whole list visible or sortable in any useful way.

A version of the list is embedded here in a Google Spreadsheet. I’ve sorted it by the count of “priority” violations, which is definitely not the only way to sort it. If you’re looking for raw data, the a2docs files are sufficiently detailed that you can draw your own conclusions, make your own maps, etc.

These are only raw counts, and it’s worth noting this sentence from the press release: “Priority and Priority Foundation Violations must be corrected immediately at the time of inspection or within 10 days.”

You can see detailed reports on the Sword Systems website which hosts county inspection data for a number of counties throughout the state. Alas, there’s no way to link deep into this database to connect a given restaurant to its inspection, and no way to run a query like “who has mice in their kitchen”.


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