Facebook and obituaries, part 2

Facebook seems to be the place where I find out about deaths in people’s families. It’s a little jarring sometimes to have a newsfeed of cat video, advertisement, funny meme, obituary, cat video etc. It certainly makes me want to read down far enough in my feed that I haven’t missed anything.

For all that Facebook is good at capturing people’s thoughtfulness in the moment, it’s a lousy place to publish anything enduring. That’s why when a proper obituary is written I like to cut and paste it out of wherever it has been and post it here. It seems that unless you do that the words so carefully and lovingly written disappear, either into the unsearchable maw of Facebook or into the tattered yellow clippings of a typical newspaper obituary site. You’ll see a few of them in the obituaries category here.

I’ve written previously about Facebook and obituaries, so this is more a reminder and a capture of a few thoughts than something earth-shakingly new. I have to wonder how the net will evolve over time and whether some hip new service of the moment will transform into something that people use to share their time of grief.

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