A tale of two Toronto mayors: @ToMayorFrod and @ToMayorFord

Toronto, Ontario is coated in ice tonight. A severe winter ice storm slowing the city to a slippery crawl, with widespread power outages. It’s a city in crisis.

Mayor Rob Frod of Toronto is not the Mayor of Toronto; it’s a Twitter parody account, prepared for the purpose of poking fun at Mayor Rob Ford.

So, given the need for crisis communications, who do you turn to in a pinch? Hopefully it would be the Mayor, but in the absence of a functioning Mayor, you turn to the Twitter account that pokes fun at the Mayor. @MayorRobFrod has been tweeting out news of power outages, transit service updates, warming centres, flight delays, and other emergency management info.

Truth, stranger than fiction.

More Toronto news:

The real Rob Frod has come forth with his true identity.

An map of Toronto Hydro outages, attributed to @toastywaffle as a Google fusion table:



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