Maps of South Sudan and its capital city of Juba

Some maps of South Sudan, which is in the news today because of an emerging civil war.

UNOCHA South Sudan describes the displaced persons in South Sudan:

On 20-21 December (2013), the security situation remained stable but tense in Juba. It is estimated that at least 20,000 people are sheltering at the two main UNMISS bases in town. During assessments in different neighbourhoods of Juba, protection agencies found several areas deserted, and witnessed looting.


The UNOCHA briefing map detail shows the detail of cities. Juba is in the province of Central Equatoria.


Stamen Design highlights South Sudan in a 2011 post describing The World

Stamen’s first iPad app and our first project with the National Geographic Society, is available for download from Apple’s app store


Finally, has detailed maps of a number of cities in the country. This is an excerpt of detail of the city of Juba.


The Republic of South Sudan Investor Guide has more maps, and a number of descriptions of the country from a perspective of trying to attract foreign investment.


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