Revisiting Walker Tracker

In among the pile of random things that you find when you have a teenager in the house, I located on old Omron pedometer whose battery had run down. One quick trip to CVS later, and I have a working tool to measure my physical activity.

In the winter months it’s harder for me to get the outdoor exercise that I think I need. The days are shorter, the sidewalks are slipperier, and the excuses are more numerous to stay indoors where it’s warm. That all said, there’s no less need to be mindful of how much exercise you are getting when it’s cold out.

In days past, I was able to predict my mood rather accurately by checking how many steps I got on my pedometer. If the number was below 5000 you could count on me to be grouchy, and those rare days when the count exceeded 20000 were days when I couldn’t concentrate on much of anything except moving. There’s a seasonally adjusted optimum of approximately 10000 steps – minus a few in winter, plus a few in summer – that I think of as a target that if I happen to move that much in a day that everything else works out OK.

I’ve used Walker Tracker on and off since 2006, or so the stats tell me, and in that time I’ve logged over 7 million steps. Though the site interface has changed a little bit and my old crowd of fellow pedestrians has mostly moved on from the site, there are still a few familiar faces of people more industrious than I am in logging their activity. I’m looking forward to revisiting it and being a bit more diligent about getting out and about in the winter time.

Note to self: buy new mittens, ideally ones that let me have at least one index finger free to work my phone.

Note to self 2: the battery is said to last 6 months, whether you use the system or not, so be prepared to change it on the summer solstice.


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