Ann Arbor Library Lot exit problems on New Years Eve 2013

Kai Petainen writes that the downtown “Library Lot” parking structure so full on New Years Eve that when everyone went to leave it at once, the lines were so long that people’s paid tickets ran out of time. This caused additional delays of up to 45 minutes on exit and confusion as people had to turn around to re-pay.

I have heard of previous times where other unattended structures (notably Liberty Square) have had similar problems with the prepaid ticket system in busy events. I look forward to a postmortem on this at the next Ann Arbor Downtown Development Authority board meeting, January 8, 2014 at noon.

1 thought on “Ann Arbor Library Lot exit problems on New Years Eve 2013

  1. Diane Giannola

    I was in the Library lot too on NYEve. The problem was not with the structure, it was with the users. I was on the second floor and sat for 30 minutes, then all of a sudden the traffic cleared up and I zipped up to the ramp that exits at the top.
    It turned out everyone was trying to exit onto Division street and was not using the other exit that exits into the parking lot on the top. Cars in the line ahead of me were trying to merge into the exit line for Division street and blocked the rest of us from turning and using the other exit.
    There needs to be better signage to tell users that there are two different exits.


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