City of Ann Arbor Snow Emergency Ordinance, 10:143

This is current as of January 4, 2014. Check on the Municode web site for the absolute latest information, though it’s unlikely that the ordinance will change.

Note that as of 9:30pm January 5, 2014, there is no snow emergency declared for the City of Ann Arbor, but Washtenaw County has declared a “Snow Condition Yellow”. From the City of Ann Arbor Facebook:

The City of Ann Arbor is not declaring a snow emergency at this point, but we are recommending residents move their cars off the streets, if possible, to make it easier for city trucks to plow the full width of streets. Moving your car will also keep it from being plowed in with snow.

A snow emergency declared on Dec. 25-26, 2002, but City Council voted in Jan. 6, 2003 to waive or reduce fines from tickets issued during that event; this according to the Ann Arbor Chronicle.

10:143. Snow emergencies.

Prohibited parking for snow removal.

Whenever the City Administrator finds, on the basis of snow, sleet, freezing rain, or on the basis of a weather forecast, that weather conditions make it necessary to restrict parking to allow removal of existing or forecasted snow, the Administrator may declare a snow emergency and put in effect an odd/even parking prohibition on some or all city streets by providing notice of the prohibition in the manner prescribed by this section.

When an odd/even parking prohibition is in effect, no person shall park a vehicle or permit a vehicle owned by him or her to remain parked on the following described portions of any street; provided, however, that the parking prohibition of this subsection does not apply during the hours of 8:00 p.m. to 12:00 midnight, so that vehicles can be positioned to comply with the next day’s prohibition.

On days having uneven dates, vehicles are prohibited from parking on the side of the street having even street addresses.

On days having even dates, vehicles are prohibited from parking on the side of the street having uneven street addresses.


The prohibitions provided in this section shall take effect when the Administrator causes notice of such prohibitions to be publicly announced by radio stations, Community Television Network and any other suitable media outlet with normal operating ranges covering the city. The prohibitions shall then take effect at the time provided in the announcement. The Administrator may also cause notice of the parking prohibition to be published in newspapers of general circulation when feasible.

The parking prohibitions provided by this section shall remain in effect until the Administrator makes a public announcement of the termination of the prohibitions.

Nothing contained in this section permits parking at times or places where it is otherwise prohibited by this Code.

(Ord. No. 48-01, § 3, 11-19-01; Ord. No. 38-02, § 1, 10-21-02; Ord. No. 2-03, § 1, 2-18-03)


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