Oven fried potato recipe

Writing this down so I remember this one detail: to get fries the right size, cut a medium potato into 16 pieces. (Cut in 4 equal width slices, then cut each slice into 4 parts). It works pretty quickly once you get going, and the resulting fries get crispy much more so than potatoes cut into quarters. A sweet potato yields 32 fries, cut in half and then in fours and then in fours).

I put the raw potato strips into a big bowl, pour some olive oil on them, and mix until everything is nicely coated, then put them onto cookie sheets and cook for what seems like a long time in a 425 degree F oven. If you want equally crispy on both sides, turn them over part way through. They would be good with a sprinking of sea salt.

Some more recipes, not that you need much of a recipe.

All Recipes uses a little sugar and a little cayenne.

Eating Well cuts into wedges (too big!) and adds dried thyme.

Instructables secret ingredient is cornstarch.

Hm, maybe you do need a recipe.

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