How many power outages are there in the nation?


The world of power outage maps is a very fragmented one, with what looks like dozens of designs and systems and no apparent standardization. There’s no way that I know to get a USA-wide power outage map without going to all 50 states worth of utilities and piecing together incompatible maps. Some places – like Lansing, Michigan’s BWL, don’t have maps, making customer communication difficult.

If you can’t map the whole nation, the next best thing is to count the number of outages nationwide. Here too there’s no one centralized resource to make that happen. What there is, however, is a very efficient system developed by a world where making that power go back on is important – the nation’s utility lineman.

There is a company, Lineman Barn, which has a Facebook page that tracks all kinds of storm-related damage and helps people who do that work connect to each other and find work. (Lineman Barn sells logo clothing for the trade.) When a storm hits, you’ll see periodic updates every 6 to 24 hours of utilities that have lines down.

Established in 2003 to bring pride and recognition to the trade, Lineman Barn is the First Choice of Linemen and their families for custom shirts, hats, decals, gifts, JOBS and Lineman Safety News.

So without further ado here are the outage numbers from January 6, 2014, at noon. Note that many of these utilities have maps that you can see on the power outage maps page.
By my count that’s 150,192 lines out nationwide.

Indianapolis Power & Light: 28,418
ComEd: 23,221
Hydro Quebec: 20,350
Ameren-Illinois: 12,667
Entergy-Arkansas: 7,285
South Central Indiana REMC: 6,719
Southern California Edison: 5,652
Oncor: 5,632
Central Maine Power: 4,939
Duke Energy-Indiana: 4,042
AEP-Ohio: 3,144
AEP-Indiana & Michigan Power: 2,935
ConEdison: 2,719
NB Power: 2,399
Duke Energy-NC: 2,354
Nova Scotia Power: 2,177
AEP-Appalachian Power: 2,048
NYSEG: 1,943
Ameren-Missouri: 1,670
Bangor Hydro: 1,529
Hydro One: 1,516
United REMC: 1,416
Pepco: 1,275
Empire Electric District: 1,219
Dayton Power & Light: 1,010
Florida Power & Light: 1,009
AEP-Kentucky Power: 904

Image credit: Indianapolis Power and Light outage map,

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