I’d like to illustrate this blog more, but I’m cautious about appropriating artwork

There are lots of reasons to want to use more art on this weblog. It’s attractive, for one; it displays good taste to have interesting artwork to illustrate your points; and the reader who is tuned to the visual image has a lot more likelihood to appreciate a crisp image than they will a wall of text. That’s all good.

I also am very aware that in most cases the works that I’d like to share references to are copyrighted, and in some cases (looking at you, Getty Images) the copyright holders have been aggressive in pursuing their digital rights.

I sigh in amazement at the companies set up to do wholesale copyright infringement, Pinterest and Google Image Search and the like of this world that scoop up imagery wholesale and are not shy about reusing it for their own purposes. The hope is that the worst case is a DMCA takedown, and the best case is an artist who I’d ask permission of who would be thrilled to have a low resolution version of their illustration, photo, or artwork adorn this blog.

The artwork in question is from Jasper Johns; it’s entitled 0-9 and, if the title of the image is to be believed, dates from 1958-1959. I don’t know precisely which museum or collector owns this piece. If I can figure out exact credit, I’ll share it. The image is used with the belief that a low resolution version of the original artwork is fair use.

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