Obituary: James Doyle, Lower Burns Park resident whose home was rehabbed by community groups in 2006

Mr. Jim Doyle, a long time Lower Burns Park resident, passed away late last month at the Grand Rapids VA. Mr. Doyle had lived at 1023 Granger Ave. for over 50 years. He served in the Philippines on General MacArthur’s staff during the war. After the war, Mr. Doyle returned to Ann Arbor where after the passing of his parents, he spent the majority of his adult life taking care of his younger brother who was severely disabled.

Some of you may remember Mr. Doyle from the efforts to refurbish his house by Veteran groups back in 2006. Mr. Doyle was a friendly man who always had a smile on his face and a penchant for whole milk and chocolate candy bars.

Thanks to Graydon Krapohl for the information.


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