For yet another year, I’m not at SXSW

SXSW is “spring break for geeks”. Every year the nerd bird flies hundreds of people from San Francisco to Austin (and to be fair other airplanes fly other people from other places to Austin). There’s a good solid week of product demos, parties, music, film, etc.

It sounds like fun, and I’ve never gone. I’m wondering what my alternate history would have been if I would have been a regular there – who would I know that I don’t know now, what connections I’d make, etc.

There are people who seem to exist solely to go to conferences. I’m not one of them. My peak conference-going era was that of Usenix annual conferences and occasional NSF workshops around the NSFnet. It’s fun, but exhausting, and it’s hard to square up being out and about with the simple requirements of taking care of family at home.

So enjoy SXSW 2014! Twitter all about it! Tell us what interesting new companies are going to have a breakout moment (or not), and save a seat for me next year (which I probably won’t go to). I’m reminded that I didn’t go in 2012 either.

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