The mystery of flight MH370

I was up late the other night when the news that Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 was missing came out. There was a flurry of speculation as to its whereabouts, but no hard news. I went to bed figuring that by morning the mystery would be resolved.

That was four days ago, and the plane is still missing and the mystery has only deepened.

Short of going on a search and rescue mission yourself, the closest that anyone can do to chip in on the search is to join in on Tomnod which has a crowd-sourced digital image recognition system. From WebProNews

Tomnod, a Mongolian word that translates to “Big Eye,” is owned by Colorado-based satellite company Digital Globe. The company trained five satellites on the region of the Gulf of Thailand, the plane’s last known location. The satellites transmit data and photos of the area on the Tomnod website. It is hoped that through millions of crowdsourcing volunteers acting as a large virtual search party, signs of the missing plane will be found.

Until the disappearance of the jet has been explained, my heart goes out to the families of those who were on board.


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