March 13-14, 2014: radioactive leak in Halifax, Nova Scotia harbor

In Halifax, Nova Scotia, a container holding radioactive materials was reported to be leaking after it was dropped. Subsequent investigation showed that there was no contamination and there were no injuries reported.

Some sources

Chronicle Herald

Later, the Halifax Fire Department confirmed that four cylanders containing uranium hexafluoride fell from a container, but there was no leak of radioactive material. The fire department also said no one had been injured or contaminated as a result of the incident. Emergency officials were not expecting to have to evacuate anyone. It is believed the container was being loaded onto the deck of the Swedish-built Atlantic Companion when it dropped.

Earlier, there had been fears of elevated radiation levels, per this CBC News story.

CBC News

The leak began when a container being loaded onto the deck of the Atlantic Companion dropped. The incident happened around 10 p.m. Thursday. The fire department went to test for radioactivity at the Ceres terminal. The first team found nothing, but a second test picked up higher than normal levels of radioactivity. The Atlantic Companion is a Swedish-built ship owned by Atlantic Container Line ACL.

More details and this harbor map of the Atlantic Companion, from the site MarineTraffic


Still waiting as of midnight Friday March 14 2014 EST for a good recap. Until then, these accounts are good to follow:

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