a2b3 lunch non-summary for March 20, 2014

The weekly a2b3 lunch met at Madras Masala on this the third Thursday of March. It’s been our habit to meet at Madras on the 1st and 3rd Thursdays. The dining room is large and could seat a large party, but our typical lunch has rarely less than 6 and rarely more than 8 people there, which is just about perfect.

This week’s tally was 6, which is just barely big enough to justify a formal round of introductions, but we did it anyway. The discussion, minus the introductions, ranged widely from the workings of lathes to the scene at Community High School to the everyday objects that we carry with us each day. I won’t even try to summarize, there was just so much to say that we talked non-stop for 90 minutes and were still chatting at the end.

As always the food at Madras was good, and just spicy enough that some people who had been regulars aren’t likely to come because the diet does not agree with them. To this end we are planning a west side visit to Chela’s on March 27, 2014. See the details on Meetup, and hope to see you there.

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